Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Walpole Indian Tribe

My uncle, Ed Slinger was made an Honorary Chief of the Walpole Indian Tribe at a ceremony I believe on Walpole Island. As a young child, my brother and I went with him to the ceremony. My brother was born in 1933, and I was born in 1934. He was married to my Aunt Dorothy (Yerge), but she did not accompany us. There are no members of my family left but I remember that occasion, the Indian's head dresses with feathers, the music, etc. I don't know WHY he was given that honor, but I do remember how proud he was of it. I would love to learn more so I can include it in the genealogy book I have of my husband's family from Scotland in the 1600's and my family's history from Germany and Switzerland.

I gave each of our 4 sons copies of this information on our 55th wedding anniversary, and am still adding information. I hope you can help me or at least give me some ideas of where I can go for this information. - Marjorie


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