Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cherokee Tribe - Wood Family

You do not have George Greer Wood, #26286, Leonard Charles Wood, #26287 or Zollie Eugene Wood, #26288 listed on the Cherokee Dawes Roll. Zollie Wood is my father. I needed his number to get my Cherokee blue card enrollment number. Leonard Charles Wood was my dad's older brother.

I have copies of the the Dawes Roll applications my grandfather, George Greer Wood, made. They are copies from the National Archives in Fort Worth.

You do not have Alcy Jane Wood(s), my great-grandmother, or George Greer Wood(s) listed on the 1880 Cherokee census. I have copies of that census from another source.
- John Wood


At 10:00 PM, Blogger Judy White said...

I am sorry you had a problem with the database.  You didn't say if you were using the database or the index. 

I did a search of the database for George Greer Wood, #26286, just click on the number to go to the page. You can find Leonard Charles Wood, #26287
by clicking on his number and Zollie Eugene Wood, #26288 by doing the same. Alice Wood is also listed on the same page with Zollie

On the
1880 Cherokee census
you may have missed the note,  The transcription presently has data for only the following districts: Canadian, Cooweescoowee, Flint, Illinois and Saline. We are still presently transcribing Delaware, Goingsnake, Sequoyah, and Tahlequah Districts.



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