Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Assiniboine Tribe Records

You need to add the Assiniboine tribe to the Native American Records.

Chief John Ross and Fatima Ross

I have a family treeline that says I am related to Chief John Ross and Fatima Ross. I am trying to find out how I get their number and how I register because I want to educate other people on Native Americans. - Donald

Mi Wok Native American Tribe

I have been attempting to add myself to the roll of Mi Wok tribe for over 40 years. My maternal side is the heritage I have American Indian on.

Please help. I have written the BIA a number of times but have not received an answer.

I look forward to your reply. - Linda

Walpole Indian Tribe

My uncle, Ed Slinger was made an Honorary Chief of the Walpole Indian Tribe at a ceremony I believe on Walpole Island. As a young child, my brother and I went with him to the ceremony. My brother was born in 1933, and I was born in 1934. He was married to my Aunt Dorothy (Yerge), but she did not accompany us. There are no members of my family left but I remember that occasion, the Indian's head dresses with feathers, the music, etc. I don't know WHY he was given that honor, but I do remember how proud he was of it. I would love to learn more so I can include it in the genealogy book I have of my husband's family from Scotland in the 1600's and my family's history from Germany and Switzerland.

I gave each of our 4 sons copies of this information on our 55th wedding anniversary, and am still adding information. I hope you can help me or at least give me some ideas of where I can go for this information. - Marjorie

A Native American Prayer

My brother was in the merchant navy in the early fifties. He told us that he had become blood brother to an Iroquois Indian, I don't know if he was given an Indian name as I was quite young.

Unfortunately my brother has just died and I would like to know if there is an Indian blessing or prayer I could place on his coffin. I would be so grateful if you could help me. - Annette

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Edwards Family, Ashworth Family, McDaniel Family

I need to no if you would have any info on theses people Edwards is Indian but i am not sure of what kind . The Richey is in my family line but i am unsure of there Indian research I to need to no what kind they were as well. The Ashworth I am unsure of them but a Keziah Dial was married to James Ashworth in the middle of the 1800's. Keziah Dial was said to be a full blooded Indian and they had lived on reservations in north carolina but I am not sure of this? The McDaniel is in my family line as well on my Mothers side, Her GrandFather was named William McDaniel and he was said to be a full blooded Indian but like I said before I have no proof and I don't no how to get the proof I am in need of ? Please can you help me ? Thank You very much. - Paula Campo

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Missouri Tribe - Dailey Family, Bates Family

The photograph on this page is misidentified (Missouri Indian Tribe History). He is George W. Dailey, not George Bates. He was my great-grandfather's brother. Another photo of him in later years can be found at: Thank you. - Broken Claw

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pedee Tribe, Waccamaw Tribe

I don't no if this is the right place to add this. But I am looking for the census records for the Pedee Tribe of Pee Dee, a small tribe from SC. The 1600 censes performed by Mr. Mooney estimates about 600 souls. The next account is in 1715 where he states that it is possible that the were exorbed by the Waccamaw tribe and may be included with them on the census records of that same year. While I am sure that the tribe of Pedee will probably be absent due to their size I believe that the Waccamaw records may reveal some useful information with respect to my families history. Please help me. - Al-Malik Najib Bey

Cherokee Tribe - McDaniel Family

On the 1880 Cherokee census. Possible transcription errors: #1128 Jack McDaniel - Female? native Cherokee or adopted white? #1129 Jane McDaniel - Adopted white or Native cherokee? #1132 Sterling McDaniel - Female? #1134 Charlie McDaniel - Female? - Scott McDonald

Nez Perce Tribe - Gould Family

I am a Gould by birth. A Susan Gould, the same name as my sister, passed away a few months ago. She was a Kalispell. I learned of the late Earl Gould, a Nez Perce, who was married to Betty Gould at the Yakama Reservation. I am wondering if a relative of my grandfather, Charles Gould, headed west from Kansas and settled in Idaho. Where did the Goulds in these two tribes come from, if anyone knows. - Geri Gould Gustin