Sunday, November 06, 2005

Edwards Family, Ashworth Family, McDaniel Family

I need to no if you would have any info on theses people Edwards is Indian but i am not sure of what kind . The Richey is in my family line but i am unsure of there Indian research I to need to no what kind they were as well. The Ashworth I am unsure of them but a Keziah Dial was married to James Ashworth in the middle of the 1800's. Keziah Dial was said to be a full blooded Indian and they had lived on reservations in north carolina but I am not sure of this? The McDaniel is in my family line as well on my Mothers side, Her GrandFather was named William McDaniel and he was said to be a full blooded Indian but like I said before I have no proof and I don't no how to get the proof I am in need of ? Please can you help me ? Thank You very much. - Paula Campo


At 5:00 PM, Blogger Judy White said...

The best place you can start is with yourself and your family.  Work your way back from there.  Go to Beginning Genealogy
follow the information there.  Census records will help you establish where your family was living.  There are a number of
Indian Tribal Histories you can read also to learn where the different tribes lived.

Many of us have family stories that grandmother was Indian, and she may have
been.  Proving this is the hard part, but you can't just pick out a tribe and search. You might also want to read Indian Genealogy.


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